Thursday, December 1, 2011

Android Live Design Preview Tool

Introducing Android Design Preview, a little utility for Mac/Windows/Linux that'll mirror a portion of your desktop screen (such as your Photoshop canvas) to your USB-connected Android device.

To see how it works, check out my screencast introducing the tool below.

As always, all the code is open sourced at, and you can get a Mac Disk Image or an executable JAR for your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine here:

Note that Android Design Preview is still a fairly beta tool, so if you encounter bugs, please file them at the android-ui-utils open source project linked above.



  1. Interesting one. I am search for that tool. Here i got it. Thanks a lot for the share.

  2. This tool works perfect for Android developers like me, the concept is simple that gives a quick result to design any application in a real world. This tool really makes a sense and completely worthable to have it.

  3. You can also try "The Preview" - it's an Android app that connects to your Photoshop and live previews the PS image (mockup) on your device.